Distributed workforce.

The most powerful trend in improved performance and employee satisfaction.

Introducing Performity.

Building engagement strategies for the virtual workforce.

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Resources for high-performance healthcare organizations.

Performity provides a strategic approach, supported by a virtual workforce-development training program and technology platform. Our model drives engagement and adoption by both management and workforce members—so you can better align staffing with demand, and attract and retain high-quality talent. Creating a highly motivated workforce is the pathway to improving patient experience and increasing productivity.

Fully integrated workforce-management solutions.

The Performity team has more than 20 years of experience engaging, managing and analyzing virtual workforces, including implementing more than 10,000 virtual environments. Our approach provides a strategic roadmap to enhanced productivity, and delivers value by building broad-based support while keeping you in control.

How can you implement and manage a virtual-workforce solution that strategically aligns your stakeholders with your business goals?

Let’s discuss your current situation and the opportunities it presents to productively engage, empower and inspire your employees.

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